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Learn how you can become a certified Divorce-Lending Specialist

America’s Premier Divorce-Lending Specialist will provide a certification that will go far beyond anything known in the mortgage industry. Certified specialists will adhere to rigorous ethical and competency standards. As of late 2019, there is no plan to release training materials in the next few months.

However, this questionnaire will help you determine if you have the “turn of mind” and aptitude to become a certified Divorce-Lending Specialist.

  1. Do I naturally look for creative solutions?
  2. Do I question “how it’s always been done?”
  3. Do I appreciate order but still think “outside of the box?”
  4. Am I respectful of other professionals yet, unintimidated by them?
  5. Can I create value by developing “win-win” deals?
  6. Am I more interested in helping people than competing against them?
  7. Can I see the intangible? (This is a philosophical question; but, think in terms of markets or potential customers).
  8. Can I write clearly and intelligibly? (How is my grammar and vocabulary; and, am I willing to improve if there is a deficiency in this area?).
  9. Am I searching for quick results or a long-term, sustainable business model? (Another way of asking this is, can I adjust from 60-day pipeline loans to 180-day pipeline loans? ….divorces take time).
  10. Are my ethics and behavior such that attorneys can implicitly trust me with their clients?

If you answered “yes” to most or all of these questions, AND IF YOU ARE INTENSELY INTERESTED IN BECOMING A DIVORCE-LENDING SPECIALIST, this just might be for you.

Send me an email ([email protected]) and I’ll help you determine if this is worth your investment.

For now, the ONLY official training is for those who are on my mortgage team. Other materials published in the open market are the only “training” that we offer at this time.

Here’s why: We have worked long and hard to understand and follow lending guidelines AND to establish certain protocols that affect all types of situations that arise in divorce. Specifically, my preferred mortgage bank, its legal counsel, title companies and document preparation attorneys with whom I am currently associated have “vetted” these protocols and given a “thumbs up.” Frankly, most lenders do not understand these protocols – they just haven’t taken the time or made the effort to understand them. In other situations, lenders have explored these protocols and decided that they will not abide them.

So, why would you pay me to train you to do something that your lender will probably not allow? I’ll cash the check. But, you won’t be seeking further guidance or help from me as I will have only frustrated you. My business model involves much more than depositing one payment from you – no matter how large (well, I suppose everything is relative) – for a course so that you can put 3 or 4 letters after your name. In my humble opinion, my materials are un-matched, highly practical and will set you apart in the divorce-lending space. But again, why? If you cannot apply the solutions, you cannot close loans and you cannot make more money.

If your mortgage company is serious and interested in exploring all the various nuances involved in the Divorce-Lending Specialty, they should contact me at [email protected]. At that point, "we're cookin' with fire," as they say.

So, stay tuned and real all you can on my blog. The divorce community needs us. They need you to save them from the ridiculous nonsense that 95% of the mortgage world is telling them. More power to you, my friends.

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