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Noel Cookman

The Divorce Lending Specialist

We turn white paper into green money

In most divorces, the home is the biggest asset sometimes representing a significant part of a couple’s net worth. Yet it is also one of the most mysterious issues in resolving future ownership, equity buyouts, how the mortgage debt is to be serviced and how to relieve former owners (ex-spouses) of liability.

This is because:

  1. Legal professionals have little if any knowledge of mortgage finance issues (they are legal pros not mortgage pros)
  2. The mortgage finance landscape has been convulsing the past several years causing a climate of uncertainty in every area of mortgage underwriting and funding
  3. Until 2002, no authoritative source had been developed – mortgage professionals had not developed an expertise in divorce/finance issues and had not inserted themselves into the divorce process

Read how Noel Cookman first began developing this specialty and how it has benefited hundreds of divorced home owners.

This is your portal to real, tested and proven solutions for everything related to divorcing clients’ financing needs.

  • How to properly structure buyouts in a divorce (it’s not as straightforward as you might think)
  • How to qualify with child or spousal support months before you thought you could
  • How home buyers can purchase homes before final divorce without drama
  • How to turn assets into income so you can qualify for a mortgage
  • How attorneys and the clients receive platinum level consultation for free
  • How to save hours in mediation, consultations, interviews, collaborative meetings and even court

Read What Others Say About The Mortgage Institute

Divorced / Divorcing

“Noel was a complete God send! I was in the middle of a divorce and he made refinancing my home a breeze. I was referred to him by my attorney and I was led in the right direction. He is the ultimate professional and made the entire transaction seamless. I would recommend Noel to all my friends. Thanks again!”

- Laura, Fort Worth, TX


“The Mortgage Institute has the expertise/experience divorcing couples and their attorneys need when faced with securing a loan to fund a settlement. They successfully navigate around the restrictive Texas Equity laws with the proper use of the Owelty agreement and lien. Recently they "saved a settlement" at the end of the process by finding a loan that, to the parties, looked unattainable.”

- Ronald Holley, Dallas, TX


"Noel is very knowledgeable about mortgages, lending rules & how it affects his divorcing clients. He has helped both me & my clients numerous times with information & loans. His quick response time, loan process, & kind heart makes him stand out above all others. I am grateful to work with him."

- Lorraine Hursman, Realtor

Mortgage Professionals

"Noel is one of the most creative minds in the mortgage business. He has the ability to see the end goal and figure the best way to get there. I have witnessed him helping hundreds of people some of them in a very difficult time in their lives. He is a man of honesty and integrity and I am proud to call him friend."

Bob Duane, Branch Manager MiMutual Mortgage Company, Grapevine, TX

Who does the financing?
Where do I get my mortgage?
I do it. I do not just outline in principle how mortgage financing works for a divorcing customer. I actually have my own team and a large mortgage bank that does the financing. I am licensed mortgage originator. This means that when I say something will work, I actually make it work by doing the financing – turning white paper into green money. This also means that special nuances in a client’s case are checked out with the actual underwriter (both lending and title insurance) before the solution is stated.

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