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CLE Accredited Education for Attorneys

Continuing Legal Education from America’s foremost authority on Divorce-Lending Issues

Since 2008, Noel has been offering Continuing Legal Education directed mostly to Family Law attorneys. Presentations are offered to Bar Association meetings and luncheons, Family Law section meetings, Collaborative Practice groups/sections, large and small firms (one of my favorite times was with one attorney and her paralegal around their snack room table), conferences, seminars and retreats.

The key to my presentations is their usefulness and practicality. The information is critical to actually settling cases and “turning white paper into green money.” I promise at least one eyebrow raising moment in each presentation.

Course Listing

Texas CLE Accredited Presentations

One Credit Hour Each

The Proper Use of the Owelty Agreement and Lien (including a primer on Texas Equity financing and its disadvantages)

Credit & Mortgage Qualifying Issues in Divorce (including how to structure child and spousal support to allow for financing approval)

Property Valuation and Appraisal Issues in Divorce (with emphasis on the new rules applying to appraisals in mortgage financing and when to order an appraisal)

Mortgages Before Final Divorce in Texas (how to use a Rule 11 Agreement to successfully close a real estate purchase)

Getting Off The Hook (how to effectively require refinancing; and, how to know in advance IF and WHEN such financing will take place).

Read what your family law colleagues are saying about our legal seminars

Noel's program is top of the line. He is informative and entertaining, while providing vital knowledge to make our jobs easier. Noel is exceptional to work with - he answers every question and never leaves a stone unturned when trying to help our clients accomplish their goals.                          - Sarah C. Seltzer, Fort Worth, TX;

“…best use of an hour that I’ve spent in a long, long time.” - Tom Daley, Allen,  TX

[I] hope to use the information in my practice. Overall, wonderful and smart presentation. I look forward to your presentations on other topics – please send your topic list so we can set up the next one! Thank you again!   -Joy H. Phillips, Friedman & Feiger (Dallas, TX)

We are a newly formed bar association and I was appointed the vice president of programs.  As I was familiar with many speakers in the DFW area, I knew I’d have to get Noel Cookman onto our calendar as soon as he could! As expected, he provided insight about buy-out mortgages and other real estate tools we never dreamed existed.  My only worry is I’ve been committing malpractice all the years before I was fortunate to learn a few things from him.  Could not recommend his seminars more highly.           -Theresa Y. Copeland, Attorney at Law, Vice President of Programs for the Wise, Jack and Montague County Women’s Bar Association

Clients come into our offices with preconceived ideas of what has to happen with the house and the mortgage.  It is our job as their lawyer to make sure they are dealing with accurate information and know all their options–that’s where Noel comes in.  He knows the current climate in the mortgage industry to protect our clients no matter what side of the house they are in. And that’s what his CLE-Accredited Courses give us – useful, practical information to help us settle our cases.                -Susan Myres, Attorney, Houston, TX

I have learned a lot of information from Noel Cookman's presentations. After having practiced Family Law for over 30 years, I've still learned some things I didn't know. I would strongly encourage anyone to attend one of his presentations and to use his services in the future.            - Julia Lovorn, (RIP) Attorney, Houston, TX

Thanks again for taking time to educate us yesterday.  No joke, your presentation was fantastic.  I picked up a couple pieces of priceless info that are going to be very helpful for future cases.    - Dana J. Stewart, Frisco, TX

“Mr. Cookman, I sincerely appreciated your presentation.  The information offered me and my team great insight into how we might better represent our client’s interests by using more creative and effective real property tools and mortgage practices during the litigation process.  Your perspective and insight is greatly appreciated. With Sincere Regards,”                 - Samuel M. Sanchez, Cordell & Cordell

“Noel Cookman’s presentations on mortgage finance issues for divorcing clients are unique and practical. I am now able to take the information and use it to create settlements that work for all concerned.”      - Jana Wickham Paul

“Thanks so much for yesterday. It was informative and engaging, as always!! You . . . made me think about the next [case], which is always a good thing. We appreciate your service, as always!”      Matthew Riek

This presentation was very informative. I feel like an expert now.”  - Tracey Justice, Southlake, TX

"Understanding owelty liens has never simple, but Noel makes it seem easy!  He's a great resource to have and I look forward to working with him in the future."   - Ellen R. Dickerson,

Texas family law attorneys cannot find a better source of teaching about the intersection of divorce, real property, mortgages, and Owelty than Noel Cookman of Grapevine, Texas.               Rob V. Robertson, Attorney, Austin, Texas

I am so glad to have Noel as a resource. He is extremely knowledgeable and is able to explain complicated issues in a way that is easy to understand. I feel confident that with Noel on board my clients' rights and interests will be protected.   - Elisabeth Fairbanks,[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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