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Noel Cookman

Get A Real Answer Before Mediation For $0

Published On 
March 22, 2019

This blog is about COST EFFICIENCY - how I really get great value for $0 and pass it on to the divorce community. The YouTube video is supportive but has extra information; this blog has information that the video does not have. So, I recommend reading and watching.

And here’s that YouTube video:

I get emails like this quite frequently:


I have a case set for mediation in two weeks.  Husband and wife have a house and wife will be buying husband’s interest in the house.  She will be getting a mortgage.  Do you know approximately how much you would charge on this case?  What documents will you need from us.

Many thanks,



Hi Most Awesome Attorney,

So happy to help. The cool thing is that I charge $0 to you, $0 to the client, $0 to everyone. Of course, mortgage financing has its own costs; but, that would be the case anyway. That’s how I get paid. I have built my business in such a way that minimizes cost while increasing efficiency and performance. It’s pretty awesome if I say so myself. ?

Here’s how you can walk into mediation with a loan approval – not a pre-approval; but, a real loan approval:

  1. Have wife apply for the refinance loan. I can send her the link or you can pass it on to her – whatever works best for you.
  2. I attached the “Items Needed” list which is a basic list of documentation needed for nearly all mortgage loans.
  3. For now, I just need basic numbers like:
    1. Approximately how much do the parties think the house is worth (market value)?
    2. What is the approximate balance on the mortgage?
    3. Is a 50/50 buyout contemplated?
    4. Have the parties ever “cashed out” with a refinance on their house?
  4. If you believe we are within 4 – 5 months of settling (all things being equal), we could order and receive the appraisal in about one week. I would only do this after we have developed a reasonable approval based on preliminary numbers.

This could, conceivably take place within 10 – 14 days – the loan processed and underwritten. You could reduce discussion about “can she refinance the house?” “how could she refinance?” “when could she close?” and many other questions to about 5 minutes. You just present my Assessment-Approval, the other side’s mouth falls open and you say “sign here and we’re done.” At least you’re done with that part of the mediation.

Worst case scenario is if wife needs child or spousal support to qualify. Generally, a six-month pay history must be established in addition to its continuance (as evidenced in the decree) for 3 or more years.

Otherwise, if she qualifies with her own income (or if she has been receiving support already), we typically close loans within 2-3 days after receiving a faxed/scanned copy of the conformed decree.

Make sense?

Noel Cookman
[email protected]


It's like this well kept secret. I really have happened upon an incredible business model. It's too good to be true. I was sharing this last night with some attorneys and mental health professionals. Their were shocked and could hardly get over it. But, it's true. There is actually a negative cost to doing business with me if you're divorcing and need mortgage financing.

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