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Written by
Noel Cookman

Published On 
December 4, 2013

Rule 11 Agreements like you never imagined them!

Did you know that mortgage underwriting allows for separation agreements even though there is no legal status of separation in Texas? Lenders see them as having nearly the same force as final decrees of divorce; at least for establishing factors in loan approvals. It's really quite amazing.

This means that, while most divorcing folks (along with nearly all real estate and mortgage professionals) think that they cannot qualify for mortgage financing before final divorce, with the proper agreements in place, they really can. They just need the right person who knows how to steer them through the intersection of divorce and mortgage finance.

It means that your divorcing clients can purchase homes before final divorce provided certain agreements are in place - no need to wait until final divorce.

It's also possible for support income - paid as good faith payments in anticipation of ordered support - can be used to qualify borrowers for mortgages. The key is a Rule 11 Agreement.

We've opened up an entirely new and unexplored world for divorcing clients. And I want you to know about it so that you can be the first to offer your clients that extra value and service you are known to offer.


Here's how you can be at the forefront of this untapped and unused knowledge:

First - watch for my articles in the next several days. They will give you clear principles about the use of Rule 11 Agreements as it relates to obtaining mortgage financing in divorce. The articles will appear on my blog about Divorce-Mortgage issues -

Second - Host this new CLE-Accredited presentation "Untapped Uses for Rule 11 Agreements."
It will be a one-hour course best presented over lunch in your conference room or at a Bar or Section meeting. I love speaking to collaborative practice groups as well. Call me at 817-454-4555 or email me at [email protected].

I really love what I do - and these presentations are more than seminars and speeches - they are lab environments where we solve problems.

Call me or email me TODAY so we can get your CLE-accredited course scheduled.



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